The eyes, what else do you see? What are you willing to show me? How far will you stretch my imagination, my mind is longing for something different, it has been missing from the get go,

I am soul searching, I don’t know what it is but I can feel it, this is a depressing mood.

Can I read through your eyes? I tell you what is hidden inside your heart. I show you your darkest secrets, I touch your weakest points, I feel in the empty voids, let me turn those emotions into words. Understand each words attached to that emotion. By the time you close your eyes I will be your daily dosage.




What else is there to talk about in this world apart from,

Love, Hate, Sex, Politics and Religion?

The world is consumed in these ideologies thus we forget the reason we are all born.

People are dying competing, why can’t we all just live our lives.

Stop existing and start living.

Stop procrastinating, make changes.

Stop judging, live freely.

One simple Question, “What is your life worth if you never touched or inspired a life?”

We all rush to grow up, and others end up being adult children. “Body of grown up with a mindset of a child.”

There is no checklist to follow when growing up but there is a way to be raised as one, don’t get me wrong, this not one way but many.

A lot of people might argue to this fact well that is the basis of this topic.

This life is a plain canvas, you are the painter, the way you live your life is the paintbrush.

At the end of it all people will see your fully painted picture when its all said and done.

Are you going to be happy in end?

Are you going to be amused if you look at it?

Will the people be inspired to paint their plain canvas like yours?

I guess only you can answer that question..


img_0232Can we grow in spirit,

But do we have the strength?

Can you extend your instincts? To a realm with a clear path,

Speak words,

Share thoughts,

Reassure us with knowledge,

Recreate our feeling with wisdom for the soul.

Make our minds be eager to learn more. See beyond these two finger.

If it helps you can cut the covering cloth with a scissors.

Enclosed in this room, engulfed in the madness, Engulfed in the madness of this race,

We are all chasing what we cannot see, is it because we are sold with the idea of being free yet we do not know what we love and what we want.

We do not if what we feel is hope or fear.

What do you know beyond these words,

What do you care about beyond these walls?

What do you Love apart from yourself?

Show me your vision?

Who do you inspire without you knowing? I guess we will never know if you still surrounded by these four walls of your empty closet.



••Running and Chasing•• “Two Tales”

What am I chasing?

Is it the thing I have been running from?

What am I seeing?

Are these only visions or nightmares in the storm?

I am approaching the finish line,

But at the end of it all I see another sign,

The beginning of a new race,

And this one is set on a faster pace,

Lost in this confusion,

Reality has become an illusion,

I try so hard to understand what I am chasing after,

In hopes that it has a greater purpose later,

Seeing so many spectators,

Some drown me and others are motivators,

When I have run my race,do I become great?

Will I be in first place,or will I be filled with regrets?
I guess none of that matters,

This is my Picture let me finish painting the Canvas.
The ends is now clear,

What I was chasing for seems near,

I am almost there, I am there now,


I run around like life is moving on the fast lane

They ask me what I’m chasing after yet still don’t want to know 

I can’t seem to stop running because running is the only thing I know                                

I feel darkness chasing after me but darkness seems to be my greatest comfort, yet I’m running from it and ironically running towards it.     

You say you see light at the end of the tunnel but I seem to shine bright in a dark corner with nothing but a racing mind,

You see resting is not an option but an unnecessary luxury which distracts me from this race called life.

Inevitably I run because it’s the only thing I know how,

It’s the only thing that gives me comfort 

Gives me peace of mind and gives me smiles.

I run because someday I will find that which I’m chasing after. 

I run because darkness chases after me

I run because I can’t stop nor help it,

I’m always on the run and I’ll keep running because that is but an illusion.
Run !!

Written by Natasha “Small Tash” Yombwe and Bahati Angolwishe.


MOTHER,I know I don’t always show it but I LOVE YOU.

I have sworn on my life to these words I stay true.

You have seen this boy grow into a man.

Nothing can replace the love you have for me under the sun.

You taught me right from wrong,

You saw me cry and laugh,even when I danced to that beautiful song,

These may feel like only words,but I dont know how best to express myself,this is coming from the heart.

You have given me memories that I cherish dearly.

My prayer is that God gives you a long fulfilled life and I hope one day you will be proud of the man I have become.

Thank you for this amazing family I cannot ask for anything more.

No matter how many times I hurt you,you never let me down.

Whenever I am in need of your help you always come around.

For our family you always stand your ground.

You are Patient,

You are kind,

You are our teacher,

You Love us and most of all


With Love,

••Diary Of The Unemployed Youth ••

I wake up in the morning with nothing else to do,

My mind is blank,wallet empty,honestly I have no clue.

So many ideas but nothing can be done without start up capital,

The people I share ideas with, think I am crazy and not serious at all,

So right now all I have are ideas and dreams.

But for how long am I going to have these dreams?

I look so calm and collected,apparently you have no idea how loud my thoughts can scream.

Something tells me,”push yourself a little harder,you not trying hard enough!”

What am I to do? I don’t know where to start?

I have self belief that one day it will all work out,

And amongst the crowd we will stand out

Honestly that is the only thing that motivates me,

These days I find inspiration in the smallest things,

like the birds flying in the skies,the smile of a child,beautiful taken pictures,a youth making a difference,creative minds,peace in flowing water,simplicity of art.

These little things touch my heart.

I ask myself,When am I going to inspire someone out there,

To make a difference in someone’s life is my biggest prayer,

But before I do that I have to inspire myself first

At the moment it seems like the biggest battle in my quest,

I know I am highly favoured and blessed!

Let me claim my blessings !!

••Empty Streets••

Where is everyone?

“Is it a common question?”

Are they hiding in their homes,

how the next door neighbour looks like nobody knows.

When you cry for help nobody hears,

We are all engulfed indoors facing our own fears.

I walk around all I see are these lonely corners,

Long stretches,no people,High built fences,

Its like we living in cages,

The only sound I hear is of the gate opening and closing,

And the burning tires of their cars cruising.

What happened to knowing the neighbour next door?

We are all busy with our lives we forgot the little things that really matter.

After closing yourself inside that gate what comes there after?

Are you happy?

Can you sleep?

Are you alone?

Can you knock on my door we have drink and sing one song?

Let us enjoy these moments before they are all gone.